1 Pair Gazebo/Instant Shelter Cast Iron Weighted Feet

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GAA0002 - 1 Pair Gazebo/Instant Shelter Cast Iron Weighted Feet. "More Strength, Rapid Anchorage, Faster Set Up!" Adds 13kg of ballast per weight and can be easily stacked on top of each other for additional anchorage! Manufactured from "Heavy Duty" Cast Iron.

Professional Gazebo Weighted Feet 1 Pair

...Now with added carry handle and pegging eyelets.

"More Strength, Rapid Anchorage, Faster Set Up!"

1 Pair "Heavy Cast Iron" weighted feet incorporating "Kwik-Lock" design, carry handle and, pegging eyelets...an ideal accessory to grace all outdoor events.

Designed and Distributed Nationwide by us: Market Operators | Corporate Hospitality | Exhibition Industry | Autosport | Classic Car/Racing Schools | Environment Agencies | Councils and 101 other businesses.

Suitable for use with Pop Up Gazebos, Easy Up Gazebos, Instant Shelters, Marquees and Market Stalls. "Kwik-Lock" moulded interlocking studs means that the weights can be stacked on top of each other for additional anchorage...each weight adds 13kg of ballast. Designed to be easy carry and can be pegged to soft standing areas (pegs not available).

"Total Built In Durability, Professionalism and Style".
Fits legs hexagonal or square and diameters 30mm, 40mm, 50mm.
Stackable Interlocking design with added carry handle.
Carton Dimensions: 29 x 25 x 9cm

Recommended Sets of Weighted Feet for your structure:
3m x 3m - 2 Pair
3m x 4.5m - 2 Pair
3m x 6m - 3 Pair



Optional Instant Shelter Accessories You May Find Useful:


  • All our marquee sales come complete with a 30 day manufacturers warranty against manufacturers defects; and a further 12 months warranty against component failure - storm damage not included.