Elasticated Bungee Cords for Heavy Duty Marquees:

Available in packs of 50, 75 & 150 to cover most structures, the elasticated bungee cords are perfect to secure any marquee material to your framework. Sold as spare fittings, each individual bungee is manufactured from strong wide band cord, a 90mm circumference ball and benefits from a long stretch length. Long, Strong and Highly Durable.

Why Use Event Tent Bungee Cords and Not Zips?

Customers often ask "Why do you not use zips to fasten your panels together?"...this is due to the fact that our bungee cords have the flexibility of stretching during any adverse weather which gives more tolerance against wind stresses. Zips do not have this flexibility and once they buckle, the panel is unusable and beyond repair.

Remember...Our Titan Long Stretch Bungees..."Longest, Strongest, Longest, Strongest!"