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6m Span Marquee Frame Parts

Our range of replacement frame parts will be suitable for your existing structure, providing it was originally purchased from Crocodile Trading. In order to clarify this, please identify your product. Look at the name and model number on the packaging or instruction sheet. Alternatively, the name/model number can be found on the label that is sewn into the canopy. We may also require an order reference number to help verify your product.

What Marquee Frame Parts Do You Stock?

All of them!! We stock every pole and connector for each marquee within the 6m span range. We also stock replacement bungee cords, frame screws, guy ropes, leg cover hooks, ground pegs & foot bases.

You can then refer to the assembly guides on our website to help cross-reference the spares you need. If you require any assistance, please call us on 01942 671602, or email info@crocodiletrading.co.uk.