Marquee Repairs:

Replacing the canopy, window panels or end door panels for your marquee can be an unfortunate expense. Sometimes, a more cost effective resolution is just as good as the alternative. If your existing canopy or side panel is torn slightly and you feel a repair is more justifiable, then we have the perfect solution; our Self Adhesive Repair Tape. An exceptionally sticky, flexible, waterproof and air-proof tape that will adhere to your marquee covers for a fast, extremely durable repair. The tape is matte and provides an almost invisible finish meaning that there's no need to colour match the tape.

Self Adhesive Marquee Cover Repair Tape:

  • Virtually Invisible Finish
  • 100% Wipe Clean
  • Heavy Duty Extremely Tough, Highly Durable, Waterproof, Rot Proof.
  • Width 7.5cm, length 3m or 5m