Poly Tunnel Repairs:

Replacing your Poly Tunnel cover can be an unfortunate expense. Sometimes, a more cost effective resolution is just as good as the alternative. If your existing cover is torn slightly and you feel a repair is more justifiable, then we have the perfect solution; our Self Adhesive Repair Tape. An exceptionally sticky, flexible, waterproof and air-proof tape that will adhere to your Polytunnel cover for fast, extremely durable repair. The tape is matte and provides an almost invisible finish meaning that there's no need to colour match the tape.

Self Adhesive Poly Tunnel Cover Repair Tape:

  • Virtually Invisible Finish 
  • 100% Wipe Clean 
  • Heavy Duty Extremely Tough, Highly Durable, Waterproof, Rot Proof. 
  • Width 7.5cm, length 3m, 5m or 10m.