Gazebo Weights & Anchorage:

Our most popular Instant Shelter accessory are the Cast Iron Weighted Feet. Suitable to fit square or hexagonal leg diameters 30mm, 40mm and 50mm, each "disc" weighs 13kg and adds ballast to securing your Gazebo against adverse weather. The Cast Iron Weighted Feet also features an added carry handle, pegging eyelets for soft standing areas and "Kwik Lock" moulded interlocking studs which means that the weights can be stacked ontop of each other for additional anchorage.

Additional & Alternate Instant Shelter Stability Options:

Instant Shelter Tie Down Kit - used as a contingency in adverse weather, the kit uses high visibility ratchet straps and heavy duty gavanised anchorage stakes to act as a link from the Gazebo frame to the ground (soft standing).

4 Pack Gazebo Weight Bags - secure your Instant Shelter using these durable bags. Made from heavy weight polyester, each bag can hold up to 20kg of wet sand therefore adding a greater ballast to each leg pole.