Low Price Dependable 4m x 2m Pro+ White Poly Tunnel

Reliable, affordable and robust against adverse weather...the 4m x 2m Pro+ Polytunnel has Two diagonal corner bracing bars, Four arches, a Ground Bar Kit to secure the structure at the base, a central horizontal roof brace bar and a front hinged, metal door with closing catch. The frame construction gives greater flex tolerance against wind stresses to give increased rigidity to the overall Poly Tunnel structure.

Heavy Duty Poly Tunnel Cover:

  • Heavy Duty 150g/sm Polyethylene.
  • Rip stop, cross weave material...a clear covering with white woven corded meshing for added strength.
  • UV stabilised & rot proof against adverse weather.
  • Walk-in 2m height.
  • Additional netted window vents to both Polytunnel lengths allows extra light and air into the structure.
  • Wide & substantial ground skirt used for entrenchment.