Compact 40 - Our Commercial Event Shelter

"Versatile, Tough, Portable - event shelters...Assembled in Minutes!" 

The Compact 40 range of instant shelters is the most compact structure in our product portfolio. It is designed for when space & storage is at a premium. Commercial use and built to cater for all purposes.

This instant shelter is manufactured using 40mm hexagonal aluminium - the same as our Extreme 40 range...light, yet extremely durable...the strongest of it's kind in it's class where quality is not compromised. Portability is not an issue, as not only does the Compact 40 range come with a wheeled storage bag, but due to its collapsible nature, it fits easily into the boot of most cars.

Colour Printing on your Compact 40 Instant Shelter:

Printing service available on our instant event shelters. Brand / Logo / Message awareness can be incorporated onto the fabric of the Extreme 01942 671602 for details.