Extreme Heavy 100% PVC Marquees - 4m Span.

An Industrial range of "off the shelf" Marquees manufactured from 500g/sm / 380g/sm (Roof and Side Panels) PVC. The tough, durable, weatherproof & fire retardant material caters for all events and occasions and is tougher, with a longer lifespan. Combining this with our Commercial grade, Heavy Duty frame creates a range of Marquees superior to most other similar structures on the market.

PVC Marquees...Quality Without Compromise.

  • Frame: Manufactured from 38mm white powder coated steel, 44mm steel joints & steel base plates.
  • Covers: 500g/sm / 380g/sm (Roof and Side Panels) PVC.
  • Range: 4m x 4m, 4m x 6m, 4m x 8m.
  • Site two or more PVC Marquee structures together with a marquee joining gutter kit.
  • Our PVC Marquees have multiple access points - site an entrance from any point on the structure.
  • Easily and speedily erected (2 people minimum). All poles are numbered with complete assembly instructions enclosed.
  • Multi configuration - access your marquee at any point around the perimeter.