High Side, Extra Wide...4m x 3.5m Pro Max Green Poly Tunnel:

A superior structure incorporating a "High Eaves", straight wall design allowing a fully functional stand up working space across the whole tunnel width. In addition, this Poly Tunnel has a 3.5m width giving an extra cultivating area (most other models only allow a 3m width).

Pro Max Poly Tunnel Frame Specification...Grow Quicker, Yield More:

As well as the High Side, Extra Wide feature of this Poly Tunnel, the Pro Max range has other significant features:

  • 32mm galvanised steel frame.
  • 0.9mm wall thick tube - most structures use 0.7mm.
  • FULL shoulder to floor maximum bracing - most structures use half height bracing.
  • 2m front and rear, dual zippered doors for "wide barrow" access!