Joints & Brackets Lifetime Guarantee

Joints & Brackets Lifetime Guarantee

Complete Peace Of Mind...

Our Lifetime Brackets & Joints Guarantee ensures that your Instant Shelter can be repaired with minimum fuss. All Instant Shelters purchased from Crocodile Trading are covered for accidental damage and breakage of any brackets and joints. These components will be provided free of charge - please ensure that a proof of purchase is supplied to us, we also reserve the right to charge a £7.99 packing and handling fee to cover warehouse and packaging costs.

Additional Information:

Please note and please fully understand that the Crocodile Trading warranty does not cover damage caused to it's products by adverse weather, wind, rain or other forces of nature, including improper structure assembly, disassembly or adjustment; accidents, misuse or neglect by the user. Please also note that our Instant Shelters are not permanent structures and should not be used in adverse weather conditions or left up, unattended for prolonged periods of time.

In addition, we do not advise that the structure is assembled or disassembled during adverse weather conditions. Damage sustained by incorrect use or incorrect anchoring during adverse weather is not covered by our warranty. This applies to all Instant Shelters purchased from Crocodile Trading on or after 19/01/2017.