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Instant Shelters...What Is An Infill Kit?

Infill Kits are strips of polyester, manufactured to the same standard as instant shelter side panels. Zippered on either side and come in a variety of colours to blend into the end-users current instant shelter side panel colour. When two structures are stood side by side, there is a gap in between both shelters. The infill kit attaches to the zips on the side panels to bridge the gap and prevent wind and rain entering the extended event space. The infill kits come in pairs to attach at either side of the structure.

Will The Infill Kits Physically Bond Two Instant Shelters Together?

The simple! What the infill kit does is prevent wind and water ingress entering the shelters when stood side by side otherwise you will have a sizeable gap allowing adverse weather to affect your event. To physically bond two shelters together, it is recommended that an instant shelter frame clamp is used firstly as this will combine the two structures together by attaching to the leg poles closest to each other. The clamp is shaped hexagonally which suits the Extreme 40 and Extreme 50 instant shelter range. Once the clamp is placed around both legs, twist the threaded bolt until the clamp is fixed into place. This will prevent the gazebos from being separated. Then, apply the infill kit to the side panel zippers to completely cover the perimeter of the extended shelters. Then, to finish, insert a joining gutter kit in between either canopy to prevent wind and water entering from the roof. The instant shelter frame clamp can be seen HERE; the gazebo joining gutter kit range can be seen HERE.