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Instant Shelters...How To Create A Larger Functioning Arena.

More often than not, when joining multiple instant shelters together, the simple use of a gazebo joining gutter kit would bridge the gap in the roof section between two structures. This would only prevent wind and rain entering the gazebos from the roof. In addition, only using a joining gutter kit doesn't reduce the bellowing effect of wind coming in from the sides which can lift the structures.

Complete 100% Weather Protection...How Can Combined Instant Shelters Achieve This?

With an instant shelter frame clamp, you can physically bond two structures together by attaching the clamp to leg poles closest to each other. The clamp is shaped hexagonally which suits the Extreme 40 and Extreme 50 instant shelter range. Once the clamp is placed around both legs, twist the threaded bolt until the clamp is fixed into place. This will prevent the gazebos from being separated. To make the extended structure completely weatherproof, you can add an infill kit which will cover up the gap on the sides where the clamps are. The infill kit is a zippered piece of polyester which attaches to the zips on the side panels. This bridges the gap shown between two structures. To view our infill kits, click HERE.