Instant Shelter Spare Parts

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GAA0079 - Instant Shelter Spare Parts. Only suitable for instant shelters purchased from Crocodile Trading. Spares for Crocodile Trading instant shelters can be purchased over the phone. Framework and spares may not be compatible with products purchased elsewhere - please check model number on original packaging. Email Us for Availability. or phone 01942 671602.

Instant Shelter Spare Parts:

Understandably, continuous usage will take its toll on any outdoor structure. Essential parts can be misplaced, and others can suffer or break. Spare parts are an essential part of the service that we offer and can ensure that all components can be replaced; replacement legs, joints and brackets; even roof canopies and side panel packs can be purchased. This ensures that any damage to your instant shelter can be repaired quickly, easily and economically. 

How to Obtain Spare Parts for your Instant Shelter?

Identify your product. Style and the instant shelter a Trader-Max 30, Extreme 40 or Extreme 50? 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m or 3m x 6m? Look for the name and model number on the packaging, instructions or invoice. Alternatively, the name can often be found on the label that is sewn into the canopy. Once you have obtained the style and size, itemise the components that need to be replaced. Then, contact our customer service team on 01942 671602 or email: with your requirements. This will help our spare parts division check availability and cost; if successful, the parts can be purchased. 

Instant Shelters..."Are All Spare Parts Compatible?"

All of our instant shelter replacement parts have been sourced from the same manufacturers which we obtain our range of products from. This is to ensure that our spare parts are compatible with your existing Crocodile Trading instant shelter. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that these parts will fit with other brands of instant shelter, even if they do look the same. This is due to different manufacturers using different specifications, angles and diameters.