75 Pack Heavy Duty Bungee Cords

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MQA0017 - 75 Pack Regular Heavy Duty Bungee Cords. Manufactured from strong elastic these bungees are substantial to help secure panels to your outdoor structure and can be used on other camping equipment.

75 Regular "Titan Regular Stretch" Heavy Duty Stretch Bungee Cords suitable for all marquees.

Titan Regular Stretch 75 Pack Bungees...manufactured using wide band cord, 60mm circumference ball and a stretch length of 25cm (unstretched 12cm)..beware of less specification bungees. Long, Strong and Durable, designed for "cover with eyelet" attachment...use to attach a cover to a fixed point - pass bungee cord through eyelet in cover, anchor to fixed point and, wrap back around the bungee ball. Titan Regular Stretch...Supplied only by us - we do not supply anybody else. Also available.... 50 pack and 150 pack.

A few reasons why our marquees to buy are extremely popular...it's all in the fixings...

  • Our bungee cords use a 60mm circumference ball - many others use smaller....fastening is less secure and open to wind stress.
  • Our bungees are manufactured from wide band elastic cord...many others are made from narrow band and are less durable.
  • Our bungees are long loop for maximum span attachment...250mm long stretched, 120mm unstretched.

Perfect for:
Boat Shelters, Tarpaulins, Marquees, Trailers, Camping, Caravanning and Commercial Applications.

75 Pack Titan Regular Stretch Bungee Cords.


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