4 Pack Marquee Weight Bags Standard

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MQA0002 - Four Pack Marquee Weight Bags. Professional 'Heavy Duty' design. Fill with Dry Sand (13.5kg each approx) or Wet Sand (20kg approx), Hard or soft standing.

**This item is out of stock.**

**This item is out of stock.**

Marquee Weight Bags (Standard) - 4 Pack:

Colour: Black
Usage: Domestic and Commercial.

  • Heavy duty
  • Fits all pole diameters
  • Attractive design
  • Adds up to 20kg of anchorage each

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Packed in sets of four, this attractively designed marquee accessory adds additional anchorage whiles giving a professional appearance. Manufactured from heavy duty polyester, dual zippered sections fill with sand and anchor to the marquee leg with wideband commercial velcro webbing. This is our heaviest anchorage product and is designed to give maximum ballast for heavy duty application whilst maintaining a professional presence. Suitable for commercial marquees, industrial marquees, easyup gazebos and market stalls. A heavy duty eyelet attachment completes the design - thus enabling further anchorage via a tent peg. Suitable for structures bigger than 3m x 3m. Top Tip...Insert a plastic bag first then fill with sand...allows the weighted feet to be emptied prior to being packed away quickly and cleanly.

Product Dimensions

Height: 43cm
Width: 47cm
Packed in sets of four 
Weights Filled with dry sand approx: 13.5kg each
Filled with damp sand approx: 20kg each


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