General Warranty

What does it mean for our customers?

Crocodile Trading is a company which prides itself in offering our customers high quality products at competitive prices. In addition, we are keen to offer a comprehensive after sales service providing advice and spare parts. There are however, a few important pieces of information that we must make clear to our customers as part of the after sales procedure:

1. What Warranty do you get with our products?
Our customers receive a 30 day warranty against manufacturers defects - meaning, that if at any time during the first 30 days (from product delivery) there is a component missing, or broken, we will (where applicable) replace/resend any items in order to complete your purchase. Please note that if there are any components missing or damaged, we MUST be notified during this 30 day period otherwise the manufacturers warranty will be voided if notice is given beyond this timeframe.

2. Any further Warranty?
We offer a further 6 months warranty across all products. Any damage sustained during this warranty period must be notified to us by the customer. The customer must inform us via email of their issue along with clear, digital photographs supporting the issue. In accordance to this, we will require:

  • Customer Name
  • Full Customer Delivery Address
  • Invoice / Order Number
  • Date of Purchase

On receipt of the correspondence, we will issue a response within 5 working days and we might request the customer to repack the defective part(s) and notify Crocodile Trading when the goods are ready to collect. Once the defective part(s) are examined, we may arrange for redelivery of a replacement part subject to stock availability, provided that goods have not been used or mistreated in any way by the customer. If, in our opinion there is evidence that the goods have been used and that the damage has been incurred as a result of misuse or any other situation which is not covered by warranty, we reserve the right to either accept the goods for full replacement, offer a replacement part on payment of a 50% repair charge or decline the acceptance of the goods and return them to the customer in their damaged state. Under these circumstances the customer will be liable for the carriage cost of collection and return.

Please note and please fully understand that Crocodile Trading's warranty does not cover damage caused to its products by adverse weather, wind, rain or other forces of nature, and including accidents, improper assembly or disassembly or adjustment during set-up or take down, or any abuse, misuse or neglect by the user. Our structures are not permanent structures and should not be left unsupervised for prolonged periods of time. We do not advise you assemble or disassemble the structure during adverse weather conditions. Damage caused by incorrect use or incorrect anchoring of structures in adverse weather or through improper use will not be covered by our warranty.