Pro Max Polytunnels...Grow Quicker, Yield More.

The Pro Max range of Poly Tunnels is the next step up in domestic and commercial horticulture. Available in 3 sizes (4m x 3.5m, 6m x 3.5m & 8m x 3.5m), they have been designed and built for the more serious grower. The "High Eaves" straight wall design gives a greater cultivating environment across the whole Poly Tunnel width as it is not dictated by tunnel curvature as this can reduce the working environment. The 32mm galvanised frame also boasts full "shoulder to floor" bracing giving a greater weather resistance, where most other structures only have "half wall bracing". The cover, whilst similar to the Pro+ range (clear with Green or White corded meshing), has two door openings; a front and a rear large 2m zippered opening suitable for "wide barrow access".

Pro Max Poly Tunnels: Designed & Built for the more Serious Grower:

  • 3.5m width - giving extra walk in space and extra functional cultivating area (most other tunnels max out at 3m).
  • 32mm, 0.9mm thick fully galvanised frame.
  • Full wall height, maximum brace "shoulder to floor".
  • Heavy duty, rip-stop, transparent cover with spacious 2m front & rear zippered doors.
  • Added ground skirt to anchor and weight the structure.
  • Full, easy to read, set up instructions included.