Professional, Dependable & Affordable Poly Tunnels

Crocodile Trading have ventured into the world of horticulture and present a range of Polytunnels to suit the domestic and commercial grower. We provide Polytunnel products at unbelievable value, with rapid delivery nationwide.

Why a Poly Tunnel?

Polytunnels are an inexpensive alternative to a greenhouse or glasshouse and can easily be moved around the garden or plot to suit. Inside a Poly Tunnel it is possible to recreate a Mediterranean climate to grow exotic fruits and vegetables in your own garden. Vegetables and plants can be sown nearly all year round which creates an even longer growing season.

Pro+ Range:

A range of Polytunnels with a full galvanised frame and more internal bracing than most other similar structures; this gives a greater flex tolerance against wind stresses. This Polytunnel has an added "Ground Bar Kit" and a front hinged double skinned metal door with closing catch that completes the structure. The frame is covered in a heavy 150g/sm crossweave, rip stop cover with netted window vents to each side and a wide ground skirt for entrenchment gives increased protection against the elements (Cover Options: Clear with Green Woven Corded Meshing or Clear with White Woven Corded Meshing). Sizes available: 3m x 2m, 4m x 2m, 4m x 3m, 6m x 3m & 8m x 3m.

Pro Max Range:

This superior range of Polytunnels incorporates a "High Eaves" straight wall design...which gives a fully functional stand up working space across the whole tunnel width (this differs from traditional design where stand up space is dictated by tunnel curvature). In addition, this tunnel has a 32mm, 0.9mm thick galvanised frame and has a 3.5m width (most tunnels max out at 3m widths) thus giving extra walk-in space and extra functional cultivating area. Front and rear "wide barrow" access zippered doors complete the structure. Cover Options: Clear with Green Woven Corded Meshing or Clear with White Woven Corded Meshing. Sizes available: 4m x 3.5m, 6m x 3.5m & 8m x 3.5m.

Extreme Clear Range:

Our next generation design of polytunnels encompassing "Clear 170g/sm Polythene Covering" a more Professional & Traditional feel, whilst providing greater light transparency. Clear 170g/sm Polythene cover - With front & rear dual zippered access doors. Our door widths measure 1000mm as standard...wide barrow access. Wide Diameter 32mm Frame - Full shoulder to floor bracing to all 4 corners & sturdy ground bar kit completes the structure. High Eaves Design - Fully Functional Stand Up Work Space. Sizes available: 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m, 3m x 5m & 3m x 6m