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Weeds in a polytunnel

Weeds are probably every gardener’s worst nightmare… they can easy overgrow the main crop starving it from its nutrients in the soil. Not only this but will also battle the plant for light meaning that it probably won’t stand a chance at surviving. Weeds needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent them from ruining other plants… plus they will take over in no time at all. Using polytunnels lowers the risks of weeds as it gives plants a protective layer from outside, meaning its harder for seeds to spread. This doesn’t mean its impossible though… seeds can stick to clothing and be brought in that way, also when your ventilating your tunnel seeds can be brought in by the wind.

Weeding straight after watering is far better and easier than pulling it out of dry soil, light and moist soil significantly enables weeds to be lifted with ease. Removing weeds before they mature is very important, this is because it will impede production of the next generation. A matured plant will develop roots in the soil and will begin to sow its own seeds… creating an army. Remember weeds grow at an alarming rate, meaning that regular checks in the polytunnel are needed. There are parts of a polytunnel weeds can hide… in corners, underneath tables, behind objects etc, its important that everywhere gets checked if you want a weed free tunnel.

Growing crops fairly close together can also get rid of weed problems, this is because it gives weeds less space to sprout. Although to plant crops too close as you run the risk of them competing for light and nutrients. Make sure any weeds collected are burnt as you run the risk of seeds getting out again. The worst thing to do with weeds is add them to the compost as this will cause them to return.

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