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Cultivating a vertical garden

Having a nice bright, vibrant garden adds much energy to your home, creating contentment and relaxation from your window. Many people don’t have the space to do so, therefore don’t give gardening a go. You don’t need space to have a lush looking garden, all you need is a fence or a wall to grow your garden vertical.

People use different methods for creating vertical gardens, the first one… using a pergola as certain plants will climb, such as vines and floral climbers like clematis. This is perfect for making a shady walkway or a place to get out of the sun, in the summer. You don’t only have to just use climbing plants, you can screw planters to the frame and plant whatever you like, to create a brilliant burst of colour.

Why not add to a brick wall to create a floral impact to your home. Either use a natural climber like ivy or, consider certain types of vines that will grip to the wall with no problem, however if you wanted to use something a bit different like clematis you can. The use of trellis or another sort of framing such as chicken wire, creates a perfect back drop for climbers. Something to bear in mind… South or west facing walls and fences often receive prolonged direct sunshine. So, if planting something in these spots is desired, it is important to choose plants that can cope with direct sunlight, periods of dryness and the heat that is reflected from the wall.

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