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Watermelon, great for the body


Watermelon is a great fruit, but did you know its made up of 92% water. Turns out watermelon isn’t just refreshing and tasty… it also does your body a world of good. It is a tropical fruit that originated in Africa, there is proof of cultivation dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. In 2016 alone 117 million tones of watermelons were produced… China accounting for 68% of them. Watermelons were used as a source of hydration instead of pure water by early explorers.

Watermelon has excellent benefits to the body, since one a cup serving contains only 40 calories and 0 grams of fat. It is known that watermelon is great for the heart, this is because it contains amino acid, citrulline which plays a big role in heart health, blood flow and cardiovascular function.  If you have high blood pressure or have a family history of high blood pressure, you may want to increase your intake of watermelon.

Watermelon has great powers to boost the immune system due to be extremely high in vitamin C, with 12.5mg to one cup serving. Vitamin C promotes wound healing and boost the immune system… so if your ill grab a watermelon.

Picking the watermelon is the hard part… a good rule of thumb, go for the heaviest one. Although this my not be the most accurate way of choosing out your watermelon, it’s the most logical, this is because the heavier it is the more it must have inside. Not convinced… there are other things to look out for to. The rind (hard outer flesh), should be dark green, dull and not shiny. The ground spot (the place the watermelon rested on the soil), should be yellow… a white ground spot indicates the watermelon is not yet ripe.

Watermelons are tropical fruits meaning the need high humidity, heat and sun. the way to grow them in the UK to get the best results is to have the plant inside a heated greenhouse or polytunnel. If this is something you’re interested in check out our excellent range of polytunnels… you wont look back.

Largest watermelon ever Largest watermelon to date, according to The Guinness World Record Books
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