Marquee | Instant Shelter | Polytunnel Self Adhesive Repair Tape - 3m (10' approx)

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RT3M - Marquee | Instant Shelter | Polytunnel 3m Repair Tape. Exceptionally flexible, sticky and waterproof will adhere to most surfaces for durable repairs to thousands of items. Suits: Gazebos, Marquees, Tents, Awnings etc.

Dexcamp Repair Tape - 3m (10' approx)

Dexcamp Repair Tape is an exceptionally sticky, flexible, waterproof and air-proof tape that will adhere to most surfaces for fast, extremely durable repairs to thousands of items. The tape is matte and provides an almost invisible finish meaning that there's no need to colour match the tape. The tape can be removed if required and the special adhesive leaves no mess behind.

Ideal For: natural and synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubber, plastic & canvas. Tears, rips, pinholes etc to gazebos, marquees, tents, awnings and tent windows.

"Does What It Says On The Pack..."

  • Virtually Invisible Finish 
  • 100% Wipe Clean 
  • Heavy Duty Extremely Tough, Highly Durable, Waterproof, Rot Proof. 
  • Width 7.5cm, length 3m (10' approx). 

Instructions For Use: The area to be repaired should be clean and dry. Cut a patch, it should overlap the tear/damage by at least 25mm (1 inch) in all directions. Round the edges of the tape for a longer lasting repair. Trim any loose threads and then pull the edges of the tear/damage together over a hard flat surface. Remove the backing sheet from the tape and apply to the tear/damage and smooth down from the centre outwards using a smooth hard tool ensuring any air bubbles are pushed out.



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  • Comes complete with a 30 day manufacturers warranty against manufacturers defects; and a further 12 months warranty against component failure - storm damage not included.