10 Heavy Duty Poly Tunnel Anchors

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PTA0003 - Wide arch, Galvanised grooved 30cm stakes. 'Hammer In' (at 45o angle) to form solid anchor point or ground bar securing pin. Suitable for polytunnels and tents.

Storm Pegs - Heavy Duty Polytunnel Anchorage Stakes

Suitable for all polytunnels, greenhouses and other outdoor structures...12mm diameter stakes.

10 Pack Multiple usage
Suitable for all polytunnel structures
12" tough hammer stake design
Pack includes: 30cm (12") Heavy Duty Steel Ground Stakes (10 Per Pack).

Poly Tunnel anchorage stakes are ideal for anchoring or securing any structure. Hammer into soft ground at an angle to give goliath anchorage. Suitable for all Crocodile Trading structures. A tough accessory that is designed as a discretionary additional anchorage product to give peace of mind when using your poly tunnel. The 10 pack of anchorage stakes is also suitable for alternative uses other than polytunnel structure tensioning.



  • Comes complete with a 30 day manufacturers warranty against manufacturers defects; and a further 12 months warranty against component failure - storm damage not included.