6 Heavy Duty Gazebo Torsion Screw Pegs

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GAA0926 - Heavy Duty Gazebo Torsion Screw Pegs. Black Powder Coated...Suitable for most outdoor structures and many other outdoor uses. Each Torsion Screw Peg winds into firm ground to form an additional point of anchorage for multiple attachments.

6x "Wide Eye" Gazebo Torsion Screw Pegs.

Simply screws to the earth to form a "goliath grip"!

  • 6 Pack Heavy Duty "Multi Purpose" Torsion Screw Pegs.
  • 12" / 30cm length, 6mm thick with a 30mm Burrow Screw. Black Powder Coated.
  • Our Torsion Screw Pegs are 'Wide Eye' - which means that they can take multiple attachments with ease!
  • Suitable for ALL gazebo & instant shelter structures.

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  • Comes complete with a 30 day manufacturers warranty against manufacturers defects; and a further 12 months warranty against component failure - storm damage not included.