4 Pack Gazebo Weight Bags Standard

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GAA0005_ED - Four Pack Gazebo Weight Bags. Professional 'Heavy Duty' design. Fill with Dry Sand (13.5kg each approx) or Wet Sand (20kg approx), Hard or soft standing.

**This item is out of stock.**

**This item is out of stock.**

Gazebo Weight Bags (Standard) - 4 Pack:

Colour: Black
Grade: Commercial
Usage: Domestic and Commercial.

  • Heavy duty
  • Fits all pole diameters
  • Attractive design
  • Adds up to 20kg of anchorage each

Why buy Gazebo Weight Bags?

Packed in sets of four, this attractively designed marquee / gazebo accessory adds additional anchorage whiles giving a professional appearance. Manufactured from heavy duty polyester, dual zippered sections fill with sand and anchor to the gazebo leg with wideband commercial velcro webbing. A heavy duty eyelet attachment completes the design - thus enabling further anchorage via a tent peg. Suitable for 3m x 3m gazebos. Top Tip...Insert a plastic bag first then fill with sand...allows the weighted feet to be emptied prior to being packed away quickly and cleanly.

Product Dimensions

Height: 43cm
Width: 47cm Packed in sets of four
Weights Filled with dry sand approx: 13.5kg each
Filled with damp sand approx: 20kg each


Heavy-duty polyester material
Heavy-duty Velcro straps.
Heavy-duty securing eyelet.
Durable robust zips.


Optional Accessories You May Find Useful:


  • Comes complete with a 30 day manufacturers warranty against manufacturers defects; and a further 12 months warranty against component failure - storm damage not included.