Instant Shelter Printing & Branding

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GAA0078 - Instant Shelter Colour Printing & Branding. Promote and Project your company and Product identity - "A Perfect brand focus". Contact Us for Printing Availability.

Instant Shelter Printing & Branding:

Promote and Project your company and Product identity - "A Perfect brand focus". The High end specification and professional quality construct of the Trader-Max 30, Extreme 40 and Extreme 50 range of commercial instant shelters makes this a perfect and inexpensive solution for creating individuality, logo identity and brand awareness. Use our "In House" design and branding service - Brand / Logo / Message awareness can be incorporated onto the fabric of the Crocodile Trading range of instant shelters. We can incorporated branding / printing on all sized instant shelters using more than one printing process. 

What Can Be Printed Onto My Instant Shelter?

We can print a company logo, motto or web address using professional vinyl heat-transfer or a full "all colour" digital print that is a bright, clear, weather resistant visual. Printing can be placed ANYWHERE on the canopy and side panel fabric; however we feel that the most prominent areas to have branding is on the canopy valance and also on the upper sections of the canopy which ensures that your logo / message / brand can be seen from a great distance when the Instant Shelter is extended to it's maximum height setting; however, this is entirely your choice. A basic list of the printing services we offer are shown in the examples below on a 3m x 3m instant shelter; but, don't panic! We can also provide printing quotes for larger instant shelters (3m x 4.5m & 3m x 6m).


Our basic Instant Shelter printing services are as follows:
Logo (23cm x 100cm)
Left Align
  Logo (23cm x 100cm)
Right Align
Left Align Instant Shelter Lower Roof Branding   Right Align Instant Shelter Lower Roof Branding
1 x Lower Roof Print
(23cm x 100cm Left Align)
  1 x Lower Roof Print
(23cm x 100cm Right Align)
Logo (23cm x 100cm)
Centre Align
  Logo (23cm x 200cm)
Centre Align
 Centre Align Instant Shelter Lower Roof Branding 1m    Centre Align Instant Shelter Lower Roof Branding 2m
1 x Lower Roof Print
(23cm x 100cm Centre Align)
  1 x Lower Roof Print
(23cm x 200cm Centre Align)
Logo (50cm x 50cm)   Logo (70cm x 70cm)
 Instant Shelter Upper Roof Branding Logo    Instant Shelter Side Panel Branding Logo
1 x Upper Roof Print
(50cm x 50cm)
  1 x Side Wall Print
(70cm x 70cm Centre Align)


How do I order my Branded Instant Shelter?

Most of our customers will have a good idea of what it is they want printing and will supply us with their company logo, a simple, basic text and direct us as to how they would like their product branded. However, not everyone has a clear image of where to start. Our guide below shows the complete process from contacting us with a query to our courier delivering the instant shelter direct to your door:

1. Contact our helpful sales team on 01942 671602 or via email: to discuss your requirements. If you are having difficulty in deciding what to have printed, our sales team can guide you in the right direction - no matter the budget, we can cater for all scenarios weather it be a simple bold text on the canopy valance or a full "all colour" digitally printed canopy.

2. Once your requirements have been discussed, you can send your logo / message to us in an email along with your selected size of instant shelter (3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m or 3m x 6m), also specify the grade (Trader-Max 30, Extreme 40 or Extreme 50) and you will receive a quotation and "mock-artwork" within 24 hours.

3. If you are happy with the cost and "mock-artwork", we will then take payment for the order and then an official, final artwork will be provided for your approval, direct from our printing and branding team. If there are amendments to be made to your design, this is the final chance to make any changes before the order goes to our workshop to be printed.

4. Once approval has been given, our printing and branding team will begin work on your order in our workshop and can take up to 4-7 working days for the process to be completed.

5. As soon as the printing is completed, you will be notified and the instant shelter will be dispatched to your delivery address on a 1-2 working day service.