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Marquee and Instant Shelter Assembly Times

At Crocodile Trading we get a lot of enquiries based on the assembling of our marquees, gazebos, instant shelters and party-tents. Crocodile Trading will never recommend a single person assembly of any of our products due to health and safety reasons. We always suggest at least 2 people to assemble all our structures; the larger the structure the more people will be required to help - the same goes for disassembling the marquee, pop-up gazebo or party-tent after your event - you should never do this alone! Crocodile Trading also receive a number of enquiries based around the time it takes to assemble a structure.

The time it takes to assemble a marquee can vary mainly due to how familiar you are with assembling such structures. Larger marquees will take longer to assemble as there are more components to piece together. Smaller structures less so. It also depends on the amount of people involved; the more people the less time it would take. Obviously the more times you erect your party marquee the more quicker and efficient you will become in the assembly / disassembly of the product. The tables below show the approximate time it would take to assemble a Crocodile Trading marquee, instant shelters, popup gazebo or partytent. If you click on each individual product, this will show that particular structures full product description and a selection of images.

Marquee Size      Approx Assembly Time
3m x 2m    30mins
3m x 4m  45mins
3m x 6m  60mins
3m x 8m  75mins
3m x 10m  90mins
3m x 12m  105mins
4m x 4m  45mins
4m x 6m  60mins
4m x 8m  75mins
4m x 10m  90mins
4m x 12m  105mins
5m x 4m  45mins
5m x 6m  60mins
5m x 8m  75mins
5m x 10m  90mins
5m x 12m  105mins
5m x 14m  120mins
6m x 4m  60mins
6m x 6m  90mins
6m x 8m  105mins
6m x 10m  120mins
6m x 12m 135mins
6m x 14m  150mins


Gazebo Size Approx Assembly Time
3m x 3m 15mins
3m x 4.5m 20mins
3m x 6m 30mins


Party Tent Size Approx Assembly Time
3m x 6m 45mins
3m x 9m 75mins