Instant Shelter Canopies & Sidewalls:

Our replacement canopy and sidewall selections each come in two different styles:

Canopies: Either standard or as an awning canopy. The difference being that on the awning canopy, there is tough and continuous velcro bonding which attaches to the continuous velcro bonding on the internal, upper roof edge of the Instant Shelter canopy the extension awning fabric & brackets are attached to give a partially sheltered area.

Sidewalls: Regular sidewall packs or individual half sidewalls. Half sidewall kits comprise of an aluminium bar in two pieces, easily fitting together with a spring clip and two clamps to suit your frame. The sidewall material itself is supplied in the colour of your choice. The use of a half sidewall is sometimes used for trading purposes - a food stall for example may have a serving table counter at the front and the half sidewall will keep the shelter enclosed. Regular sidewall packs will completely enclose the structure.