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Heavy Duty Marquees, Instant Shelters & Poly-Tunnels Delivered Nationwide.
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  • Cauliflower

     what you need to know about cauliflower

    Now's the time to harvest your cauliflower if you used a polytunnel to get a couple of weeks ahead. If you don’t harvest the cauliflower as soon as it is ready it will continue to grow and the florets will begin to open spoiling its eating quality. Some varieties stand longer than others, so check the description in a seed catalogue. Below is a great recipe to use once you have harvested your cauliflower.

  • care details

    Care details for Marquee 

    We suggest you use hot, soapy water and a clean cloth, alternatively use a specialist cleaner..."Fenwick’s" which is stocked in most DIY chains and caravanning stores. Please ensure your material is completely dry before you store it away. If you pack your marquee covers away whilst still damp, the material may perish and fall apart as mould will attack the fibres.

  • marquee

    why buy a marquee?

    Marquees are great whether it be for hosting a garden party or commercial events like weddings and fairs, whatever the occasion our specialist tents wont let you down.

    Continue reading

  • 101 different uses

    Instant shelters

    Our instant shelters are great for markets and hosting events...motorsport, exhibition etc.They  have been used by the public for years. They are top of the range and can be assembled in minutes. Brand / Logo / Message awareness can be incorporated onto the fabric of our exhibition shelters. Our shelters have been supplied to two major F1 teams and are used all over the globe.

  • Marquee wedding

    Tips to consider when planning a Marquee wedding

    Style A key factor to planning a marquee wedding is the style of marquee you're looking for, there are many styles to choose from. Conventional Style... rectangular marquee houses maximum number of guests in given amount of space, remember occupancy decrease if circular tables are used instead of rectangular tables. Obviously the size of the marquee will increase if a larger guest occupancy is required. Quirky Style... Circular, star canopy or teepees are examples to name but a few. Sometimes more unusual works well particularly if the list is smaller... the event can be given that wedding to remember. Continue reading

  • Polytunnels

    Why buy a polytunnel

    •  Crops grow quicker earlier and possibly larger.  
    • They are per square metre less expensive than glass or polycarbonate greenhouses . 
    • There is a wide range of sizes available. 
    • They absorb the sun and achieve the most productive germination and Spring growing temperatures two to six weeks ahead of the open garden according to your location. 
    • They protect growing plants from rain, frost, snow, hail and gales and therefore enable more autumn, winter and early spring crops to be grown.
  • Worms

    Handy tips for the Allotment

    If you've ever been around a farm in spring, you know that farmers need to plow the soil. Plowing breaks up the soil, allowing air and water to get to seeds and the roots of plants. Continue reading

  • Yet another happy customer

    Instant Shelter 0-60 in 2.7 seconds

    Crocodile Trading is proud to have yet Another happy customer for our Extreme 50 Instant Shelter. "The Racing School"… 3 sisters race track... another returning customer. Continue reading

  • Instant shelter

    Gazebo Galore!

    Crocodile Trading are suppliers to, many individuals and commercial organizations. We have supplied 1000's of our Extreme Instant Shelters to many, a list of these... Market operators, corporate hospitality, exhibition industry, Formula 1 teams, Auto sport, Classic car/racing schools, environmental agencies, councils, hire companies, outdoor pursuits, sports clubs and 101 other business.

    By far some of our more prestigious  customers have been the Mercedes Petronas and Lotus F1 Race Teams who, use our shelters around the Globe.

    • We are one of the largest distributors of instant shelters at low prices with rapid delivery nationwide
    • More strength less weight, faster set up... the ULTIMATE commercial grade aluminum pop up. 50% less weight than a conventional steel frame.
    • Total built in durability, professionalism and style... perfect for exhibitions, motorsport and corporate hospitality applications
    • We stock... we distribute... we print

    • Instant Shelter Errection
  • Growing Mint

    A Breath Of Fresh Air!

    Refreshing and Tasty...we look at how to grow Mint. Extremely fragrant, Mint, can be grown indoors during the winter and outdoors over the summer – and not necessarily in a greenhouse or Polytunnel...more often than not, this herb can be grown on a window sill. Continue reading

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