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  • Save Money, Time and the Environment

    Economical Soil Blocks.

    Never have to buy pots again! With this new method of staring off seedlings you will never need to use a plastic pot again. Not only does this save you money, but it will also help to save the environment as plastic doesn’t decompose and pollutes the atmosphere. There are other alternatives you can use that are eco friendly such as newspaper, toilet roll tubes and even egg shells, however we prefer this method as its quick and easy and can simply be transferred after the germination process is complete.

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  • Here Comes The Bride...!

    A few tips to consider when planning a wedding reception in a marquee

    Style: A key factor to planning a marquee wedding is the style of marquee you're looking for, there are many styles to choose from. Conventional Style... rectangular marquee houses maximum number of guests in given amount of space, remember occupancy decrease if circular tables are used instead of rectangular tables. Obviously the size of the marquee will increase if a larger guest occupancy is required. Quirky Style... Circular, star canopy or teepees are examples to name but a few. Sometimes more unusual works well particularly if the list is smaller... the event can be given that wedding to remember.

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  • (Sally) Cinnamon...You Are My World!

    Advantages of using Cinnamon in a Polytunnel

    Despite the black title at the top of this article, this has nothing to do with seminal Manchester group, the Stone Roses! Cinnamon is a great aromatic spice that has been used in cooking for thousands of years, with origins dating back to 2700 BC. Cinnamon has been recognised by many over the years to have medicinal benefits. This pungent spice can be found in most supermarkets making it easy to get hold of. So, did you know… cinnamon has also got plenty of benefits in the garden?

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  • Cut, Sew and Grow Strawberries

    Forcing Strawberries in a Polytunnel.

    Strawberries are the home gardeners best friend, from one plant, a life time supply can be grown… this is done by cutting and replanting the runners. Runners are little branches the strawberry plant grows to keep expanding, it is best to cut these off as the plant only has so much energy and the larger it gets, he more energy it needs to use resulting in less fruits. You can replant the runners into a container, and a new plant will grow. Only ever use runners from healthy, disease free plants.

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  • Make Mine A Large One...!!

    Turning your Marquee into a bar??

    It is commonly known that marquees are used for events and parties. A marquee can be used for anything from a wedding to a birthday party, the key thing about making yours stand out is what you do with it.

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  • Mango Madness!

    Mango Health Benefits

    Mango is a sweet stoned tropical fruit that has been eaten for thousands of years. Mango trees can grow up to 40m tall and some still produce fruit at the age of 300. Mangos are used in a lot of cuisine whether it be for a chutney, blended into a smoothie or eaten as a fruit.

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  • No Need To Replant...Plants That Regrow Themselves!

    Single Planting Fruit & Veg!

    Does having fresh fruit and vegetables available from the garden sound great? Is having to replant year after year off-putting? Here at Crocodile Trading, we have the solution… Certain plants don’t need replanting and will grow year after year, season after season. We have made a list of 5 different fruits and vegetables for people who only want to plant once.

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  • maximise your heat

    Chillies… the hotter the better


    There are lots of varieties of chillies, coming in many different sizes, colours and of course heat intensity. Some people set out to grow the hottest chillies they can, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your chillies pack a punch! The heat of chillies is measured in “Scoville heat units” (SHU). Continue reading

  • Sundrop farm

    End of Food Crisis… Sundrop Farms


    Growing your own food could essentially be saving the world… the world’s population is rising and keeps rising, Eventually the world will become so overpopulated that food will become scarce even in places with wealth. By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9 billion where as in 2010 it was around 7 billion the world and food production cannot accommodate for such a number. Things will have to change, people will need to grow their own food to not go hungry. Continue reading

  • Up is always better


    Cultivating a vertical garden

    Having a nice bright, vibrant garden adds much energy to your home, creating contentment and relaxation from your window. Many people don’t have the space to do so, therefore don’t give gardening a go. You don’t need space to have a lush looking garden, all you need is a fence or a wall to grow your garden vertical. Continue reading

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