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Heavy Duty Marquees, Instant Shelters & Poly-Tunnels Delivered Nationwide.
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  • London Markets

    We take a look at London Markets with our Instant Shelters...

    As a supplier of Instant Shelters one of our main groups of customers are market operators of which the are literally thousands across the UK. Over the years we have supplied many of these with our Extreme range of Instant Shelters. The market capital of England is London region... home to some of the most well known markets... actually around the world.

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  • 101 different uses

    Instant shelters

    Our instant shelters are great for markets and hosting events...motorsport, exhibition etc.They  have been used by the public for years. They are top of the range and can be assembled in minutes. Brand / Logo / Message awareness can be incorporated onto the fabric of our exhibition shelters. Our shelters have been supplied to two major F1 teams and are used all over the globe.

  • growing tips

    John Harrison

    In need of some great gardening tips from growing veg to month by month allotment guides John Harrison's website is amazing and contains relevant and interesting articles, tips and guides for all aspects of your garden.

  • How to grow cauliflower

    Cauliflower in a polytunnel

    ever wondered how to grow cauliflower? cauliflower seeds as long as you use a polytunnel or greenhouse as they need to be undercover. Cauliflowers should be grown in firm soil and react badly to poor cultivation techniques. Follow our instructions for the ideal brassica bed and you’re likely to be successful. Cauliflowers are very hungry plants and need plenty of nitrogen to grow well. Getting the soil right for this vegetable is crucial, below is a link that will help with this.

  • Bubble wrap

    Top Tip

    Use old bubble wrap to line your pots and containers, it will help insulate the compost and prevent late frosts from damaging delicate new roots.

  • Marquee wedding

    Tips to consider when planning a Marquee wedding

    Style A key factor to planning a marquee wedding is the style of marquee you're looking for, there are many styles to choose from. Conventional Style... rectangular marquee houses maximum number of guests in given amount of space, remember occupancy decrease if circular tables are used instead of rectangular tables. Obviously the size of the marquee will increase if a larger guest occupancy is required. Quirky Style... Circular, star canopy or teepees are examples to name but a few. Sometimes more unusual works well particularly if the list is smaller... the event can be given that wedding to remember. Continue reading

  • Polytunnels

    Why buy a polytunnel

    •  Crops grow quicker earlier and possibly larger.  
    • They are per square metre less expensive than glass or polycarbonate greenhouses . 
    • There is a wide range of sizes available. 
    • They absorb the sun and achieve the most productive germination and Spring growing temperatures two to six weeks ahead of the open garden according to your location. 
    • They protect growing plants from rain, frost, snow, hail and gales and therefore enable more autumn, winter and early spring crops to be grown.
  • Worms

    Handy tips for the Allotment

    If you've ever been around a farm in spring, you know that farmers need to plow the soil. Plowing breaks up the soil, allowing air and water to get to seeds and the roots of plants. Continue reading

  • Rosberg wins F1 2016

    Crocodile Trading takes a look last years F1 season

    We are pleased with Mercedes performance in last years F1 season as we have supplied them with instant shelters in the past. It was hard won, based on a determination to maximize every area. Continue reading

  • Asparagus

    Growing Asparagus

    Now is the time of year you would start off your asparagus crowns. Asparagus plants are either male or female. The male plants are more productive and all male hybrids are available with their energies going into edible spears rather than berries. Continue reading

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