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  • Here Comes The Bride...!

    A few tips to consider when planning a wedding reception in a marquee

    Style: A key factor to planning a marquee wedding is the style of marquee you're looking for, there are many styles to choose from. Conventional Style... rectangular marquee houses maximum number of guests in given amount of space, remember occupancy decrease if circular tables are used instead of rectangular tables. Obviously the size of the marquee will increase if a larger guest occupancy is required. Quirky Style... Circular, star canopy or teepees are examples to name but a few. Sometimes more unusual works well particularly if the list is smaller... the event can be given that wedding to remember.

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  • Make Mine A Large One...!!

    Turning your Marquee into a bar??

    It is commonly known that marquees are used for events and parties. A marquee can be used for anything from a wedding to a birthday party, the key thing about making yours stand out is what you do with it.

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  • Things to look out for in the garden

    Danger signs in the garden

    Tiny holes in foliage

    If you find holes in your plant that are very small there’s a good chance that you have flea beetles in your garden. They are called this because of their size and they jump like fleas. A Flea beetle won’t kill a whole plant however their larvae feed on the root system of a plant this will make the plant more susceptible to other problems. Mulch your beds to deter the larvae from emerging. Some adventurous gardeners even hoover the little pests off the leaves – but this will have to be repeated numerous times. Continue reading

  • Underwater World

    Gruner see

    Green lake… a popular tourist attraction in Austria, the lake is situated in a village called Tragoss and is surrounded by the Hochschwab mountains and forests. The lake got the name due to the clear emerald green water. The clear green water comes when the snow melts at the end of winter… causing water to flow down the mountain and build up in this particular spot each year. Continue reading

  • Deadly plants


    Not all plants are herbivores

    So, you’ve probably heard of a Venus fly trap, a carnivorous plant that waits for its prey (flies and small insects) to land on them, they then close on the insect like a mouth, the plant then digests the insect and takes the necessary nutrients from them. Continue reading

  • A Whole Universe Beneath Our Feet

    A Whole Universe Beneath Our Feet


    Plants nurture a whole world of creatures in the soil that in return feed and protect the plants, including and especially trees. It is a subterranean community that includes worms, insects, mites, other arthropods you’ve never heard of, amoebas, and fellow protozoa. The dominant organisms are bacteria and fungi. All these players work together, sometimes by eating one another. Continue reading

  • Pineberry

    White strawberry...and you'd thought you've seen it all


    A Pineberry is a hybrid fruit which means it has been genetically breaded from two other fruits. It has been made up of a Fragaria chiloensis, (the beach strawberry) which originates from South America and the Virginia strawberry which originates from North America. Both are part of the strawberry family. However it is said that they taste closer to a pineapple than a strawberry. Continue reading

  • Parklife Festival

    Marquees & Instant Shelters...Parklife Festival


    Crocodile Trading supply nationwide, a vast range of heavy duty Marquees and Instant Shelters throughout festivals all over the UK. Our Commercial Quality Structures are popular as a base for many activities….Catering, Exhibiting retailing etc. Many of our Instant Shelters and Marquees are used in festivals all over Britain, Parklife being one of them. Continue reading

  • Marquee

    Crocodile Trading's Marquees and Instant Shelters at Festivals


    Crocodile Trading supply nationwide a vast range of heavy duty marquees and Instant Shelters throughout festivals all over the UK. Our Commercial Quality Structures are popular as a base for many activities….Catering, Exhibiting retailing etc. Continue reading

  • Care details for Marquee

    Taking care of a marquee

    We suggest you use hot, soapy water and a clean cloth, alternatively use a specialist cleaner..."Fenwick’s" which is stocked in most DIY chains and caravanning stores. Please ensure your material is completely dry before you store it away. If you pack your marquee covers away whilst still damp, the material may perish and fall apart as mould will attack the fibres.

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