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Crocodile Trading

  • The Great British Food Festival

    Suppliers of... The Great British Food Festival


    Crocodile Trading supply nationwide a vast range of heavy duty marquees and Instant Shelters throughout festivals all over the UK. Our Commercial Quality Structures are popular as a base for many activities….Catering, Exhibiting retailing etc. Continue reading

  • facts

    Fun Facts About Plants


    Plants and trees are fascinating generally people know a lot about them however there are many facts that people don’t know… Continue reading

  • watermelon

    Watermelon, great for the body


    Watermelon is a great fruit, but did you know its made up of 92% water. Turns out watermelon isn’t just refreshing and tasty… it also does your body a world of good. It is a tropical fruit that originated in Africa, there is proof of cultivation dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. In 2016 alone 117 million tones of watermelons were produced… China accounting for 68% of them. Watermelons were used as a source of hydration instead of pure water by early explorers. Continue reading

  • How to grow veggies in poor conditions

    Farming in the slums

    Growing up in the slums is difficult many are destined a life of crime and some kids are taught to steal and hustle from an early age. Getting food is always a struggle as nobody has much money making it difficult to eat and to find money for other necessities. In Kibera which is located near Kenya and is one of the largest slums in Africa they seem to have found a solution to this food crisis. In the heart of the slum they are using unusual farming methods in order to survive. As the soil quality in the slums is poor because of lack of nutrients in the ground it makes it nearly impossible to grow produce there, the residents of Kibera have adopted the sack method of growing. Continue reading

  • Food share

    Growing for charity...a helping hand

    Do you have left over fruit and veggies from the allotment that were grown in your polytunnel? Well maybe it’s time to become a Food Philanthropist, this is where you supply your local charity with freshly grown produce. It’s a great idea as it gives back to the community but more importantly it goes to people who need it. The majority of food given will end up in care homes, hospices and homeless shelters. A great example of a charity doing exactly this is a charity called Foodshare. Continue reading

  • Deadly plants


    Not all plants are herbivores

    So, you’ve probably heard of a Venus fly trap, a carnivorous plant that waits for its prey (flies and small insects) to land on them, they then close on the insect like a mouth, the plant then digests the insect and takes the necessary nutrients from them. Continue reading

  • Bay Leaves

    Powers Of Bay Leaves


    Bay leaves are used in cooking in many different styles of food from curry to Mediterranean and even in soups. The strange thing about bay leaves is that the flavour intensifies the longer you leave it after picking, when first picked they have a mild taste and once its left to dry out they become stronger in taste and a lot more fragrant. Bay leaves have a pungent bitter taste when eaten whole and if eaten whole can be a choking hazard and could even get stuck in the digestive system so its best to take them out of your cooking before eating. Continue reading

  • Pink Lake

    Wow slightly off topic but…


    Going a bit off topic here but Australia is home to some of the most scenic places in the world, from spectacular jungles to amazing beaches. This one however is truly bizarre, Hillers lake in western Australia is an attraction that brings fascinated tourists from all over the world. Hillers lake, also known as pink lake from above the lake looks like a bubble-gum pink colour. The lake is surrounded by a beach and thick forest. Continue reading

  • Guide to planning a marquee event


    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marquee Event


    It is known that having a Marquee at your event gives a sense of style and makes your event stand out from the crowd. Today we are going to give you some tips on making the most out of your marquee. Continue reading

  • HenPower

    Therapeutic benefits of keeping hens 


    Loneliness and boredom is the number one cause of depression in care homes. When an elderly person moves to a care home it can be daunting, some don’t even get visitors and feel forgotten about. There are a number of schemes out the to try and tackle this for example HenPower. Continue reading

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