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A Solution to Preventing Food Waste!

Recycle City.

Recycle City is a company which operates in New Jersey. This company is all about preventing waste ending up on a land fill and making use out of used and unwanted food waste. For a small fee Recycle City gives you a large bin which you fill with your food waste; its collected every week or two depending on your chosen plan, when they replace the bins the also give you a bag of Bokashi. Bokashi is a method that uses a mix of microorganisms to cover food waste or wilted plants to decrease smell, reduce the risk of attracting pests and increase the speed of decomposition. The Bokashi allows customers to use meat, fish, dairy and even some food contaminated paper, more unusual waste includes fingernails and hair.

At Recycle City’s headquarters the food bins are weighed and for every 70 pounds of waste collected will get you one free cubic foot of compost that is ready to be used, however many customers donate it to a non-profit farm next door to Recycle City, this is a great way to give back to the community and massively reduce food waste because near enough anything can go in this compost. The fruit and vegetables made at this farm are sold at farmers markets and the profit goes to orchard community learning centre. Recycle City is quite large and is ever growing, it currently has around 550 domestic customers and over 50 commercial customers who donate a lot more waste. They collect an average of 60 tons of food waste every month, can you imagine if that was all going to a landfill, this method is much better, and it means food is never really wasted. Some of the commercial customers such as restaurants have benefited from this as now they don’t need a dumpster collection as often.

J. D. Hill is a co-fonder to this company and his story started in a university in Arizona. He was shocked to find out 95% of American food waste ends up in a land fill or an incinerator, he set about to change this and therefore came up with an idea about creating a composting business. At first, J. D. Hill did everything by hand, digging trenches and burying food waste with shovelfuls of soil to produce compost. He was making it work, but just barely. Luckily, an encounter at the Tempe farmers market led to the OCLC partnership, and soon Recycle City had more room to breathe. And now recycle city is the largest company of its kind.

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