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garlic spray

Garlic spray keeps the pests away!


There are many insects in the garden that aren’t pests, these insects fight away the pests almost like little tiny guards for plants. When pesticides are used, they not only wipe out pests but also the beneficial insects. Once all the good insects are gone it can throw the garden off balance, meaning it has no natural defence systems. The obvious answer is not to resort to harmful toxins, as there is a much simpler and natural way of dealing with these pests, plus the friendly insects aren’t harmed in the crossfire. Being exposed to pesticides can be harmful, so you probably don’t want to introduce it into the garden, especially if there are pets and children. The answer…homemade garlic spray.

Garlic spray is a completely organic solution that poses no serious threat to humans or animals. Garlic spray doesn’t harm the good bugs either. Its pungent smell makes the plants undesirable for pests to eat or even lay eggs on, which seriously reduces pests.

To make a strong garlic spray, you will need 2 bulbs of garlic and about half a pint of water. Crush the garlic and add to a bowl, bring the water to a boil. Once boiled pour the water over the garlic and cover. Leave it to sit over night for the garlic to work its magic. That’s it, homemade natural insect replant. The garlic spray can be made even stronger with ingredients that can be found in the kitchen cupboard. Add some hot crushed pepper or a chilli sauce, this will really drive your pests crazy.

Spray any plants, fruits or herbs with your garlic spray to keep away unwanted visitors. Be sure to spray the bottoms of leaves, as that is where insects love to lay eggs because it keeps the eggs dry. For prevention, spray plants every few days or once per week. If you have a pest problem, spray daily or whenever pests are visible. Once plants get wet, either from being watered or from rain, be sure to give them a new coat of spray because water will wash it off.

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