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Sundrop farm

End of Food Crisis… Sundrop Farms


Growing your own food could essentially be saving the world… the world’s population is rising and keeps rising, Eventually the world will become so overpopulated that food will become scarce even in places with wealth. By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9 billion where as in 2010 it was around 7 billion the world and food production cannot accommodate for such a number. Things will have to change, people will need to grow their own food to not go hungry.

Sundrop farms have a solution… growing in places that are inhabitable to humans… Australian deserts. So, the question on many people’s mind is how? Sundrop Farms use very technical stationary greenhouse structures, these structures are fitted with some of the most hi-tech growing equipment out there, and its all powered from solar panels. The equipment allows them to mask any growing environment meaning they can grow all year round with no issues. They harness the suns energy in order to desalinate saltwater from a nearby gulf, into fresh water, which is used to irrigate crops on mass production. Each greenhouse is roughly 5 hectares, which is just under 12.5 acres, and there’s 4 of these per farm. The 20 hectare farm roughly holds around 180,000 tomato plants and produce 2 truck loads per day… distributed to supermarkets worldwide.

This method is far cheaper than normal agriculture, where pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used. There are no pests as it is in an airtight greenhouse, where as normal agriculture has big problems when it comes to pests. More of these farms across the globe could definitely end the food crisis. As food can be produced all year round in large quantities for cheaper prices.sundrop

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