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Pink Lake

Wow slightly off topic but…


Going a bit off topic here but Australia is home to some of the most scenic places in the world, from spectacular jungles to amazing beaches. This one however is truly bizarre, Hillers lake in western Australia is an attraction that brings fascinated tourists from all over the world. Hillers lake, also known as pink lake from above the lake looks like a bubble-gum pink colour. The lake is surrounded by a beach and thick forest.

No one fully knows why the lake is a pink colour however scientists believe that it is to do with the bacteria in the salt crust that produces a pink dye. Middle Island's pink lake dates back to the journals of explorer Matthew Flinders in 1802. Flinders had climbed Middle Island's highest peak (now known as Flinders Peak) to survey the surrounding waters when he came across the remarkable lake. Middle Island and its pink lake are in a pristine wilderness. The only way to view this lake is from the air. You can also explore the islands and abundant wildlife of the Recherche Archipelago on a cruise from Esperance. The lake is dotted with salt collectors working up to seven hours a day, using long shovels to pile boats high with the mineral. To protect their skin from the water they rub their skin with Shea butter.

The only living organisms in Lake Hillier are microorganisms including Dunaliella salina, which causes the salt content in the lake to create a red dye which helps produce the colour, as well as red halophilic bacteria present in the salt crusts. Despite the unusual hue, the lake exhibits no known adverse effects upon humans. From above, the lake appears a solid bubble gum pink, but from the shoreline it appears more of a clear pink hue. The shoreline is also covered in salt crust deposits.

Lake Hilliar Ausralia
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