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Weird and wonderful looking fruit

Grow your own face

Fruit mould for making fruit faes.

Are you a keen fruit and vegetable grower? The latest craze involves bringing your produce to life. Its done by inserting your produce into a mould as it grows it will grow into the shape of the mould. The world is your oyster with this if you have the right mould you can make it into anything. The most creative and extravagant I have come across is Donald trump pumpkins which were sold in the US this Halloween. You can literally turn apiece of fruit into anything from a heart shaped apple to a Buddha shaped pair.

The idea for fruit moulds originated in Japan however where first manufactured on a large scale in China. It is a very simple idea because the mould is clamped onto the fruit the fruit then grows and fills out the mould and takes the shape of the mould.

The moulds are made of a strong PC plastic material, are non-toxic and most are fully transparent. They have shaped moulds for watermelons, apples, peaches, pears, tomatoes, cherries and cucumbers. They stock simple shapes like hearts, cubes and stars that start around $3 and more intricate and detailed moulds that run up to $18 each.

The moulds are sold at quite a high price for the more detailed moulds considering it can only shape one fruit at a time however I feel it is a very creative idea.

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