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Nemo's garden


Population Growth…Nemo’s Garden could be the solution


Growing your own food could essentially be saving the world. The world’s population is rising and keeps rising. Eventually the world will become so overpopulated that food will become scares even in places with wealth, as there isn’t enough land left on the earth to accommodate crops for the whole population. By 2050 the worlds population will reach 9 billion where as in 2010 it was around 7 billion the world and food production cannot accommodate as big of a number like this. Things will have to change, people will need to grow thee own food to not go hungry.

Sergio Gamberini Is the president of a large Italian scuba diving company, using the company’s resources he has sunken big balloons the anchored them to the sea floor, once this is done he fills them with air creating an underwater air pocket. He has created a suitable growing environment under water and has been tested with basil, beans, lettuce and strawberries. The ocean environment has plant-friendly properties to encourage horticulture in 'underwater greenhouses'.

The project is called Nemo’s Garden and is just off the coast of Noli in Italy. Sunlight heats the pods creating the right temperature for plants to grow. Sea-water evaporates and condenses on to the roof of the pod which falls as fresh water to feed the plants. Because the pods are in an air pocket and surrounded by sea there is no need for pesticides. The pods are maintained by scuba divers who plant monitor and pick the plants. Nemo’s Garden is an experiment to find new ways to produce food because in the near future it will be extremely important to find new ways of producing food to keep up with the raising population.

However, this cannot provide food for everyone, so people need to start doing their own bit and growing their own food as you are saving the environment and others around you.

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