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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Monty Don


    Monty Don

    Monty don, born in west Berlin to British parents in July 1955. He is a well-known TV presenter best known for presenting gardener’s world. Don's first TV work came as the presenter of a gardening segment on breakfast show This Morning. He featured as a guest presenter for the BBC's Holiday programme. From 1994 to 1995 he appeared from time to time as one of the presenters for the weekly science programme Tomorrow's World on BBC One. Continue reading

  • How to encourage Wildlife on to your allotment


    There are a number of ways in which you can bring wildlife to your allotment or garden, starting with simple steps like not using as many chemicals from fertilizers to weed killers no animal or insect likes these chemicals and tend to stay away when too much is present. Another good way is to choose the right flowers as flowers provide pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects that perform the vital task of fertilisation – seed and fruit production would drop dramatically without them. Avoid too many highly-bred cultivars with big and blowsy or double flowers, most of which contain little or no pollen or nectar. Continue reading

  • Pineberry

    White strawberry...and you'd thought you've seen it all


    A Pineberry is a hybrid fruit which means it has been genetically breaded from two other fruits. It has been made up of a Fragaria chiloensis, (the beach strawberry) which originates from South America and the Virginia strawberry which originates from North America. Both are part of the strawberry family. However it is said that they taste closer to a pineapple than a strawberry. Continue reading

  • Nemo's garden


    Population Growth…Nemo’s Garden could be the solution


    Growing your own food could essentially be saving the world. The world’s population is rising and keeps rising. Eventually the world will become so overpopulated that food will become scares even in places with wealth, as there isn’t enough land left on the earth to accommodate crops for the whole population. By 2050 the worlds population will reach 9 billion where as in 2010 it was around 7 billion the world and food production cannot accommodate as big of a number like this. Things will have to change, people will need to grow thee own food to not go hungry. Continue reading

  • Parklife Festival

    Marquees & Instant Shelters...Parklife Festival


    Crocodile Trading supply nationwide, a vast range of heavy duty Marquees and Instant Shelters throughout festivals all over the UK. Our Commercial Quality Structures are popular as a base for many activities….Catering, Exhibiting retailing etc. Many of our Instant Shelters and Marquees are used in festivals all over Britain, Parklife being one of them. Continue reading

  • Hottest Chili in the world

    How to grow a Carolina Reaper plant

    Did you Know Chilies are classed as fruits?

    you need to wet the soil generously and allow the excess water to drain. Using your finger, make small holes in the soil that are approximately 6 inches apart from each other. Then, drop one seed inside each hole and pat dirt over the top. For sprouts, you can essentially follow the same method. Then, cover your container with a plastic lid or store it in your greenhouse. Continue reading

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