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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Tomatoes

    If you use a polytunnel it may well be time to pick your tomatoes at long last. Once they are picked there are endless possibilities on what to use them for you could chop them up in a curry or make a tomato and mozzarella salad or even make a delicious pasta sauce.

  • Polytunnel benefits

    Polytunnel benefits

    Crops grow quicker earlier and possibly larger. They are per square metre less expensive than glass or polycarbonate greenhouses. There is a wide range of sizes available. They absorb the sun and achieve the most productive germination and Spring growing temperatures two to six weeks ahead of the open garden according to your location.They protect growing plants from rain, frost, snow, hail and gales and therefore enable more autumn, winter and early spring crops to be grown.

  • How to make a quick and easy fruit fly trap?

    Materials needed:

    1. Glass bowl
    2. Wine or juice
    3. Dish soap
    4. Cling film
    5. Tooth pink

    Step one – Fill the glass bowl 1/3 of the way full with your wine or juice. Next take a piece of the fruit that the flies are attracted to and put it into the bowl, this will attract the fruit flies.

    Step two – Put a few drops of dish soap in the bowl and give it a stir.

    Step three – Cover the bowl tightly with the cling film. Next poke holes in the cling film with the tooth pick, just big enough for the flies to fit through.

    Step four – Remove the plant and in its place put the trap, now you wait.

    Step five – Clean out the bowl when it is full, if the problem persists then do it all over again until the area is pest free.

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