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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • Glass Gem

    Ever heard of "Glass Gems"? Well it’s a variety of corn, not just any corn though it’s very peculiar as it is multi coloured using colours such as pink, blue, red, white, orange, brown and many more. Glass Gem was created by a corn farmer in Oklahoma called Carl Barnes, he created this special vegetable by collecting seeds from his corn. He noticed that every so often, a cob showed signs of unusual colouring shining through. Barnes collected and saved those seeds and luckily for us he knew a lot about corn breeding, so after many years of breeding his unusual seeds he ended up with this weird and wonderful variety of corn. The corn is called Glass Gem because it shines like glass and is colourful like gems. This variety of corn can be grown today as the seeds for it are sold online, it is very popular and is meant to taste good too. So, if you’re into growing strange varieties of vegetables why not give it a go.

    Glass Gem Corn


  • How to harvest cabbage?


    April is fast arriving which means it's almost time to harvest your cabbage crop. Not only is cabbage highly nutritious but it can be stored for a number of months without any processing and by fermenting. Continue reading

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