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My guide To perfect soil

A step by step article to having perfect soil

January is upon us, this means that the growing season is nearly here. January is typically the month where growers all round have a long sit down and Plan their growing season whether it be what tunnel to purchase or what seeds to sew.

Making raised beds and soil

Another task growers overcome in January is making the raised beds for planting your seeds. These are easily made with a bit of hard work. For the walls of the bed you can use planks of wood on their side and make a square shape with four different pieces of wood, next you drill the pieces of wood together to give it strength. Inside the bed. Now the structure of the raised bed has been created the next job is to fill it with soil. One of the most important things to consider when filling your bed is that the soil must be able to retain moisture and nutrients, worms are good for soil and if your soil is nutritious it will encourage worms. The best soil combination should have one of two things, high quality amendments to feed your plants and a good base. 50% of your base should be compost which can be bought at a nursery or online and the other 50% should be made with coconut coir as it helps obtain the moisture and nutrients in the soil. The next step is filling the bed with plant food a great thing to add to your soil is worm castings as it is a great soil enricher which not only provides a good source of nitrogen but also attracts other worms which are great for your soil. Worm castings can be bought online and personally I would add a full bag to your soil. Another great additive for your soil is azomite which is rock dust, this contains loads of minerals and plants love it and will definitely yield more if it was included in the soil. I would usually add about half a cup. Mycorrhizal fungi is another thing that I wouldn’t hesitate to add to your soil as it creates a web of fungus that feeds the roots of the plants. The final  thing I would add is fish emulsion water this is because it is an overall nutrient booster which will work miracles for your garden. I hope this guide to having the perfect soil helps, and have a happy growing season.

Raised bed with soil inside A finished raised bed

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