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Best Practices Of Adverse Weather Anchorage

It can be daunting when assembling your marquee or gazebo for an event due to the unpredictability of the British weather. Crocodile Trading can advise the following methods of securing your structure:

1. Visit our Accessories page to view and purchase tie down kits; this is a ratchet strap and peg per 2m. So, for a 4m x 8m marquee you would need 8ratchet strap and 8 pegs (2 per 2m down both lengths of the structure). The straps attach to the lower roof bar and are secured to the surface by the steel peg. The mechanism halfway up the strap is then “ratcheted” to give the desired tension which in turn pulls on the frame to increase stability.

2. You can use sandbags which are also available on our accessories page. They can be filled with wet sand to give a weight of 13kg or 20kg per bag (depending on which sandbag you choose) and they fit around the base of the leg poles.

3. Each leg pole has a foot which screws together to allow the marquee to free stand. At the base of the foot is a plate with 3 holes pre-drilled. Usually you may peg the feet into soft standing areas (pegs supplied with the marquee) or alternatively you may bolt through the holes into concrete or other hard standing areas to secure the marquee in that form.

Whichever method you use will aid the marquee against adverse weather however, if the weather becomes too strong, the best course of action is to dismantle the marquee as like with any semi permanent outdoor structure there is only a certain tolerance that it will take.

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