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Heavy Duty Marquees, Instant Shelters
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  • Did you know?


    Celery is known for being extremely low in calories so much so that you burn the calories off just by eating it. The energy required to chew, swallow, digest and eliminate celery, called the thermic effect, is about 15 percent of its caloric value. So, if you eat 2 stalks that contain a total of 12 calories, you would burn close to two of those 12 calories processing the celery.

  • Growing Chillies

    Tips for growing chillies

    Now's the time to sow your Chillies. Sow inside a polytunnel or on a windowsill. There are many varieties of chillies to choose from that vary in heat from the sweet bell pepper to the Carolina reaper.  Sow during January, February and March, Maintain at 21ºC (70ºF) until seedlings germinate, ideally in a heated propagator , as some varieties need high temperatures to germinate reliably When large enough, prick out seedlings into 8 cm (3 inch) pots. Pot-on into 15 cm (6 inch) pots as they grow, before moving them to their final home. Chillies can be grown in the greenhouse/polytunnel border or in growbags or 20–25 cm (8–10 inch) pots. Try to maintain temperatures above 16C. Some varieties grow as high as 90 cm (3 feet). The stems are brittle so the weight of fruits can break the plants if they are not tied to canes.

  • Care details for Marquee

    Taking care of a marquee

    We suggest you use hot, soapy water and a clean cloth, alternatively use a specialist cleaner..."Fenwick’s" which is stocked in most DIY chains and caravanning stores. Please ensure your material is completely dry before you store it away. If you pack your marquee covers away whilst still damp, the material may perish and fall apart as mould will attack the fibres.

  • Claytonia

    what you need to know about claytonia

    This time of year is when many will harvest their claytonia plant. Claytonia isn't very well known in Britain. Claytonia is an attractive winter salad crop, rich in vitamin C. It is usually steamed much like spinach which it also resembles in taste. I have attached a recipe for homemade pasta with claytonia (miners lettuce).

  • Lime

    Growing Lime

    Try something new this spring. Why not try growing limes in your polytunnel this year. If you don’t have a polytunnel try  growing them somewhere a little warmer as limes are sensitive to cold. they’re best grown in a container which can spend the summer outside and the winter in Polytunnel.  A large container on a sunny patio. Supplied as a large specimen in a 5 liter pot, will begin producing fruit within 18 months.

  • Cauliflower

     what you need to know about cauliflower

    Now's the time to harvest your cauliflower if you used a polytunnel to get a couple of weeks ahead. If you don’t harvest the cauliflower as soon as it is ready it will continue to grow and the florets will begin to open spoiling its eating quality. Some varieties stand longer than others, so check the description in a seed catalogue. Below is a great recipe to use once you have harvested your cauliflower.

  • Instant shelter takes racing by storm

    Instant shelter takes racing by storm

    Who hasn’t ever wondered what it's like to drive an F1 car? Its many peoples childhood dream to be a Formula 1 driver but unfortunately it's not as simple as that and that dream just gets forgotten about, but what if I told you that you could drive one round a race track and relive your childhood dream. Continue reading

  • beginners

    Tips for beginners

    I have found a web page which contains some key tips for polytunnel beginners. I found that it contained lots of relevant information that the average beginner wouldn’t know so click the link for some polytunnel education.

  • A History of Farmers Markets

    What are Farmers Markets and why are they here

    "Did you know the first farmers in the world can be traced back to areas of Turkey!" Farmers markets... a place where farmers gather to sell their fresh products to the everyday public. The products found there are typically fruits vegetables and meats however in some occasions they sell freshly prepared foods and beverages. Farmers markets can be indoors or outdoors and usually consist of a gazebo a table and the farmers products. Continue reading

  • money saving idea

    Top tip

    When planting up your fresh spring hanging baskets why not use your old knitwear or newspapers for a no cost basket liner, this will save you plenty, and the money saved can go towards better quality compost and plants. Don’t throw away the remnants of last summer's baskets; either dig it into your garden or at the very least put it in your compost bin.

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